Royal Video Calls

We are excited to offer Royal video calls with your child's favorite Character! We have some great options to choose from. 

We know how challenging these changes are in the World right now for both Parents and children. We wanted to offer a way for families to still celebrate a child's birthday or special occasion and make your child feel extra special on their birthday! 

Not having a birthday party? 


Video calls are also GREAT for:

Words of encouragement or motivation

Celebrating a recent achievement or milestone

Cheering up when you child just needs a virtual hug

Perfect for story time entertainment, bedtime stories

One on one socializing while staying safe inside


30 Minute Video Call


Birthday in a Box 

This is the perfect option for something EXTRA special for your child's birthday! 
We will mail your birthday in a box set prior to the video call. The birthday child can open it during the video call with the Princess and conduct the various activities together. 
Box contents:
  • Crystal Princess Tiara
  • Princess Wand
  • Royal Princess Certificate
  • Framed Princess Pledge
  • Happy Birthday card (handwritten from the princess)
  • Small present including a necklace, bracelet and ring
  • Castle Craft to complete
  • Coloring pages
  • 30 Minute Video Chat

  • Unboxing with the Princess 

  • Story time

  • Crowning ceremony

  • Happy birthday song

  • Questions and Answers

Price $120

Please allow enough time for mail delivery when scheduling this package.

20 Minute Video Call

This is a perfect Video call for client customizing! Perfect for many types of celebrations like a recent accomplishment, birthday, or graduation. Great for one on one social interaction.

Does your child just need a pick me up and a virtual hug from someone, schedule a call with us today!

  • 20 Minute Video Chat 

  • Story time

  • Questions and Answers

  • Customized Activities

  • Emailed Princess Certificate from Princess


Price $60

10 Minute Enchanted Storytime

Each week we will have scheduled characters offering enchanted stories. These are told within a 10 minute call.

These are meant to be one on one calls, so your child can completely interact, engage and converse with the Princess.

Perfect for a bedtime story, daytime read aloud activity! Please check our calendar to schedule your enchanted story time.

We are trying to update the calendar daily, if you are interested in a character that you do not see listed, please let us know and we will try our best to get them listed ASAP.

Price $40

Royal Video Call Options

All packages have a 2 device limit. A $10 fee for each added device will be charged. Invite your family and friends to the call and make it a virtual party! 

10 Minute Enchanted Story time Weekly Schedule

Mermaid Princess

Saturday April 18 @ 12:00-3:00 Pacific Time, 2:00-5:00 Central Time

Ice Queen, Ice Sister  (Anna), Mermaid Princess, Princess Belle

Monday April 20 @ 9:30-7:00 Pacific Time, 11:30-9:00 Central Time

 Princess Rapunzel, Arabian Princess, Island Princess, Unicorn Princess

Tuesday April 21 @ 9:30-7:00 Pacific Time, 11:30-9:00 Central Time


Ice Queen, Ice Sister  (Anna), Mermaid Princess, Princess Rapunzel, 

Wednesday April 22 @ 9:30-7:00 Pacific Time, 11:30-9:00 Central Time

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty will be open 9:00-12:00 today!

Ice Queen, Mermaid Princess, Princess Belle, Arabian Princess, Island Princess, Unicorn Princess

Thursday April 23 @ 9:30-7:00 Pacific Time, 11:30-9:00 Central Time

Ice Queen, Mermaid Princess, Princess Rapunzel, 

Friday April 24 @ 9:30-7:00 Pacific Time, 11:30-9:00 Central Time

Ice Queen, Mermaid Princess, Princess Sleeping Beauty, Princess Cinderella, Princess Belle 

Saturday April 25 @ 9:30-3:00 Pacific Time, 11:30-5:00 Central Time

Character Special for the week: $5 0ff Booking
Arabian Princess

Book her for any package and receive $5 off booking! 10 minute storytime calls need to be booked within the available time frames stated in the above schedule.


Now offering Gift Cards. Perfect gift for holidays and any type of celebrations!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a child? Buy a gift card and let them choose the Character they want to chat with!

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