Fairytale Princess Parties have arrived to El Dorado and Sacramento Counties!

I want to say a big HELLO to everyone in the area. I have been anxiously awaiting my big move from my Southern California home to this beautiful Northern California area. My family and I have been wanting to move to the Folsom, Eldorado Hills area for a couple years now. We have just been waiting for the right time to make the move. Well, my husband finally received the job offer he needed for us to move up here and now here we are. We have been in the area since June of this year and welcomed our fourth child into the world two weeks after we moved here. Its been a busy year for our family but all good things have come from it. Finally, now that we have been settled in, I have been working diligently to get my other baby up and running, Fairytale Princess Parties! This business has been with me for 10 years and through the years its expanded and changed, shifted and improved year after year after year. The year of 2016 it finally completes itself with my last branch opening. I cannot wait to start servicing clients in the area. With our big family move this year and the newborn I have been unable to work parties myself and I have missed it so much. The last few years I have been hosting beautiful tea parties, weekend after weekend and I will be offering my tea parties here, hoping to launch them by the end of this