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Princess Tea Party Package

This party has it all, from the Princess visit, to the tea set up, to the dress up and the beautiful decorations. It is jammed packed with everything your little princess could dream of on her birthday. If you have a princess that deserves "nothing but the best", this is the package for her!

  •  Recommended for ages 3 and up,

  •   2 hour character appearance, decor party rental (this does not include the setup time and break down time)

  • Package includes 10 children (this includes the birthday child)

    • $20 for each additional child with a max of 16 children​

    • $35 table fee will be applied with more than 10 children

  • Parties expecting over 16 children, please refer to the OVER THE TOP TEA PARTY below. 

 We will arrive the morning of the party and set everything up, so when your guests arrive they will be entering a fairytale setting. When our visit is over, we will quietly clean up while you and your guests enjoy the rest of your day. Don't stress, we pay attention to every detail of the party, we will handle the decor, the entertainment, and even the thank you favors for your child's guests. This all inclusive package is Grand, and we take care of all the preparation of planning a perfect party for you!


Package Includes:

Host a ShowcaseWorthy party without any stress!

  • Princess character of choice for 2 hours 

  • One party coordinator/ party host to setup, help during party, and cleanup after character leaves

  • Princess themed decorations for party room

    • Consists of themed decor, that compliments the princess you invite. Customized to what your desires are!

  • Princess canopy (decorative item, not intended for outside shade use)

  • All tables and chairs needed for the party:

    •   8ft tea table, 5ft side serving table, 5ft favor/prize table, makeup table with canopy, all chairs needed, more tables will be added if having more then 8 children, table fee will be applied

  • Themed music throughout the party

Themed Tea Time Includes:

  • We provide beautiful platters for food to be placed on (Up to three platters will be provided for three different tea snacks)

    • YOU PROVIDE THE SNACKS (Finger foods suggested)

      • We can discuss options for a perfect tea menu​

  • Tea Pots provided

  • Decor and linen for tea food table

  • We will serve the children the tea food during the party

Table Settings Include:

  • Table and chair rental

  • Rental of your Choice of colored linens with beautiful runners and white chair covers with beautiful coordinating sashes 

  • Elegant centerpieces for the table and themed princess table decor, consists of candelabras, floral decor, princess decor, and so much more! 

  • Tea cups and saucers, themed china plates 

Activities Include:

  • Princess crowning ceremony (every child receives a Tiara)

  • Your choice of glitter makeup session or face painting session

  • Becoming a princess etiquette lessons

  • Story time during tea 

  • Princess dancing lesson

  • Tea time with tea etiquette

  • Game session 

  • Cake session

  • Birthday song and pictures  

Parting Gifts Include:

  • Tiaras for each child

  • 3 prizes for each child

  • Personalized Favor box​

Tea Package Price  


  • Additional Princesses are a discounted price of $295 for 2 hours


Over the top tea party

Over The Top Tea Package!

  • Everything included in Tea Party Package PLUS!

  • 2 princess characters of choice for 3 hour visit (You get an added hour of entertainment and added Princess)

  • 2 party hosts for set-up, clean-up, coordinating the day of the event 

  • 20 children included in party price!

  • We provide the Tea Food

  • Tea Sandwiches for 20 guests

  • Two snack sides

  • Choice of juice for the "Tea"

  • Pipe and Drape backdrop for food/cake table

  • Craft session added to activities

Over the Top Tea Package Price is $1599.00

  • A $35 table service fee will be applied with more than 20 kids.

  • Additional Children $30 each

  • Additional Princesses are a discounted price of $410 for 3 hours


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